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The CW's ARROW - 'Pilot' Review

The CW’s ARROW – ‘Pilot’ Review

Surprisingly, the pilot episode of this GREEN ARROW re-imaging is quite interesting and enjoyable to watch.

Latest CW 'ARROW' Teaser

Latest CW ‘ARROW’ Teaser

Here’s ‘Justice’, the latest teaser for ARROW, The CW Network’s TV reimagining of DC Comic’s long-running Green Arrow character

DC Nation Starts Tomorrow

DC Nation Starts Tomorrow

MARCH 3rd marks the premiere of DC Nation programing on Cartoon Network.

'Black Canary' Cast in 'The Arrow'

‘Black Canary’ Cast in ‘The Arrow’

Actually, Oliver Queen’s squeeze might NOT be the fishnet-clad superhero.

'Smallville' Returns - In Comic Book

‘Smallville’ Returns – In Comic Book

TV series revived for “11th Season” in comic book form.

Green Arrow Cast

Green Arrow Cast

VAMPIRE DIARIES actor cast as lead in Warner Brothers — CW Network pilot ARROW.

Fox to Bring 'The Spectre' to TV?

Fox to Bring ‘The Spectre’ to TV?

Fox Network options DC Comics character, commisions pilot script.

The CW's 'Secret Circle'

The CW’s ‘Secret Circle’

The CW’s lone new genre offering is THE SECRET CIRCLE, from VAMPIRE DIARIES author L.J. Smith.

Smallville: Finale Reviewed

Smallville: Finale Reviewed

After ten years on the air, SMALLVILLE completes Clark Kent’s Journey.

'Smallville: Finale'—Clip

‘Smallville: Finale’—Clip

SMALLVILLE comes to the end of it’s 10-year run with a special 2-hour Finale. Possible SPOILERS.