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Adam Green's Digging Up the Marrow Acquired by Image

Adam Green’s Digging Up the Marrow Acquired by Image

Turns out director Adam Green wasn’t finished ripping up the horror genre with his HATCHET franchise. Image Entertainment has just announced its acquisition of DIGGING UP THE MARROW, Green’s unusual mockumentary that’s the result of a four-year collaboration with artist Alex Pardee. Starring Green and featuring guest appearances by the likes of Kane Hodder, Tom [...]

Hatchet II Q&A with Adam Green

Writer-director Adam Green answers questions after the Hollywood premiere of HATCHET II at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre, on September 30, 2010. Members of the cast and crew are also on view, including Danielle Harris (HALLOWEEN IV), Kane Hodder (FRIDAY THE 13TH, PART VII: THE NEW BLOOD), Tony Todd (CANDYMAN), and Tom Holland (director of [...]

Hatchet II review

Hatchet II review

Although clearly inspired by ’80s slasher movies, HATCHET had enough going for it to appeal to horror fans interested in something more than just creative kills. Sadly, HATCHET II delivers little of interest to anyone but gore-hounds. Yes, it should appeal to fans of the original- the self-proclaimed “Hatchet Army” – but HATCHET II falls [...]