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Smallville Final Season—Teaser

Smallville Final Season—Teaser

A glimpse of moments past and future.

'Smallville: Kent' — Clip

‘Smallville: Kent’ — Clip

SMALLVILLE returns with a new episode, and trip to the mirror universe.

'Smallville' Flying Towards Sunset

‘Smallville’ Flying Towards Sunset

Cast and producers talk about ending the show after ten seasons.

'Smallville: Booster' Pictures

‘Smallville: Booster’ Pictures

This looks like a job for… you know who. But will Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle steal the show?

Smallville — Booster Gold & Blue Beetle Pic

Smallville — Booster Gold & Blue Beetle Pic

First look at SMALLVILLE’s versions of Booster Gold and The Blue Beetle.

Smallville: 'Scion' - Description & Clip

Smallville: ‘Scion’ – Description & Clip

The Lex clone returns, with a choice of two destinies, Lionel Luthor and Tess battle.

'Smallville: Fortune' — Clip

‘Smallville: Fortune’ — Clip

Here’s a preview clip from this Friday’s new episode of SMALLVILLE, ‘Fortune’. Clark and Chloe discover they’ve been slipped a major mickey, which may involve matrimony.



SMALLVILLE renturns to the Darkseid plotline in MASQUERADE.

Big 'Smallville' Spoiler

Big ‘Smallville’ Spoiler

Major, but not totally unexpected plot development on the CW series, brings a comic book character in early.

“Real” Lex Back on ‘Smallville’

Michael Rosenbaum will return as Lex Luthor for 2-hour Series Finale.