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STARSHIP TROOPERS' Casper Van Dien: The CFQ Interview, Ep. 102

STARSHIP TROOPERS’ Casper Van Dien: The CFQ Interview, Ep. 102

Check his IMDB listing, you’ll discover Casper Van Dien has a full, rich career, including key roles in SLEEPY HOLLOW and MONK. But if you’re a genre film fan of a certain demeanor, you see his name and you tag him as does a subtitle in the recent comedy NOOBZ: “That Guy from STARSHIP TROOPERS.” [...]

TOTAL RECALL: CFQ Spotlight Podcast 3:31

TOTAL RECALL: CFQ Spotlight Podcast 3:31

What is reality? What is identity? How long can a soul survive when one’s perceptions and one’s self are subject to electronic editing at a moment’s whim? These and many other fascinating questions are raised and almost immediately dropped in TOTAL RECALL, director Len Wiseman’s retelling of the Philip K. Dick tale of an ordinary [...]

'Total Recall' Remake Casting & Details

‘Total Recall’ Remake Casting & Details

Bryan Cranstons in talks for villain, no trip to Mars.

'Robocop' Rebooted — Director In Mind?

‘Robocop’ Rebooted — Director In Mind?

MGM is back from the edge, in talks for new director to revive our favorite Cyborg policeman.

Hollow Man (2000) - Review & Interview

Hollow Man (2000) – Review & Interview

Sadly, this is one of Paul Verhoeven’s directorial mistakes. It begins with an interesting premise (how does invisibility—and with it, the ability to get away with anything) warp the moral sensibility? Unfortunately, the screenplay confines the action mostly to an isolated research facility and uses the idea only as an excuse for gratuitous special effects [...]