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Laserblast: The Paramount Vault - Science Fiction & Horror on YouTube

Laserblast: The Paramount Vault – Science Fiction & Horror on YouTube

Parmount Pictures recently created a new YouTube channel, The Paramount Vault, which streams free films from the studio’s library. Along with clips from classic titles, there are approximately 150 full length movies. Of course, these are not premium titles but lower end stuff for which services such as Netflix might not be inclined to pay [...]

World War Z sequel hopes boosted by box office

World War Z sequel hopes boosted by box office

Hollywood Reporter tells us that Paramount Pictures is reactivating their plan to turn WORLD WAR Z into a franchise, thanks to the strong box office opening: $66-million domestically and over $111-million worldwide. WORLD WAR Z had been conceived as the first entry in a trilogy, but after post-production trouble, the studio and the filmmakers had [...]

War War Z: review

War War Z: review

The familiar zombie routine has never been realized on such an epic scale, but that is the film’s only claim to novelty.
WORLD WAR Z is not merely a movie about zombies; it is a bit of a zombie itself: shot and re-shot, cut to pieces, bloody and battered, it nevertheless refuses to die, staggering to [...]

Dark Skies: Review

Dark Skies: Review

DARK SKIES proves once again (as if any proof were necessary) that Blumhouse Productions has codified its horror template to the point that their films are the cinematic equivalent of blues music: the lyrics may change, but not the subject matter or tone; and regardless of the writers and performers, you will hear the same [...]

Star Trek Into Darkness in theatres May 17

Star Trek Into Darkness in theatres May 17

Paramount Pictures offers the next installment in the rebooted mission of the Starship Enterprise and her crew.  J.J. Abrams is back in the director’s chair, working from a script by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman & Damon Lindelof, based on the original concept by Gene Roddenberry. Chris Pine is James T. Kirk; Zachary Quinto is [...]

'STAR TREK: Into Darkness' trailer

‘STAR TREK: Into Darkness’ trailer

Japanese “Announcement” Trailer with Extra footage, plus Advance poster and synopsis. POSSILE SPOILERS

'Star Trek 2' Fight Scene — BTS Clip

‘Star Trek 2′ Fight Scene — BTS Clip

Spock fights SHERLOCK Star in Behind the Scenes footage.

Trek 2 Villain? Elementary...

Trek 2 Villain? Elementary…

SHERLOCK star to menace the STAR TREK film sequel.

'Dark Knight Rises' Promo—Go or No?

‘Dark Knight Rises’ Promo—Go or No?

Will MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL’s IMAX release feature a prevue of the next Batman film — or is it still Rumorsville?

'Micronauts' Gets Writers

‘Micronauts’ Gets Writers

70’s Toyline joins the merchandise to movie movement.