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The Lady Vampire review

The Lady Vampire review

This movie has everything – well, almost everything. It has a dwarf; a mute bald-headed assistant; an old lady who shows up at the beginning of the story, looking young; another old lady who shows up at the end of the story looking old; a bunch of other ladies immobilized like mannequins on display; and an artistic Japanese vampire [...]

Mansion of the Ghost Cat review

An atmospheric and well-executed genre piece from Nobou Nakagawa, Japan’s equivalent to Terence Fisher.
If Japanese director Nobou Nakagawa is known at all in the U.S., it is because of Jigoku (1960), an art-house perennial and the recipient of a Criterion Collection release on DVD and streaming services. This might lead western audiences to view Nakagawa as a [...]

Nobuo Nakagawa to be honored post-humously

The late Japanese director Nobuo Nakagawa – whose horror films in the ’50s and ’60s laid the groundwork for later movies like RING and JU-ON – will be honored at next year’s Future Film Festival in Venice. Nakagawa’s works include GHOST STORY OF YOTSUYA (based on a classic legend), GHOST CAT MANSION, GHOST STORY OF [...]

Snake Woman’s Curse (1968) – Film & DVD Review

This 1968 effort is the last in a series of kaidan eiga (ghost story movies) filmed by director Nobuo Nakagawa during a classic period that began in 1956 with THE VAMPIRE MOSTH (Kyuketsuki-ga). SNAKE WOMAN’S CURSE (Kaidan Hebi-Onna, literally, “Ghost Story of the Snake Woman”) is frankly not quite up to the standard of his earlier work, which [...]