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The Giver & Life After Beth - Dossier Fantastique 5:31

The Giver & Life After Beth – Dossier Fantastique 5:31

It’s time to expand your Sense of Wonder by opening Dossier Fantastique! Volume 5:31 reveals data points on current theatrical releases THE GIVER and LIFE AFTER BETH. Listen in as special guest Andrea Lipinski joins the Cinefantastique Podcasting team of Lawrence French and Steve Biodrowski for an insight-filled discussion of the latest dystopian science fiction [...]

Life After Beth - review

Life After Beth – review

Like its titular zombie, this film makes a good first impression, but before long you can tell the neurons are not quite firing correctly.
If your girlfriend died after you had been having problems, leaving you morose and regretful because you never got to say you were sorry, you might think the greatest good fortune would [...]