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Spotlight 5:19.2 - Godzilla, Part 2

Spotlight 5:19.2 – Godzilla, Part 2

The Cinefantastique Spotlight Podcast returns with Part 2 of our look at the new GODZILLA film, this time with guest Joe Sena and host Steve Biodrowski leaving the heavy thematic discussions behind to focus on the film’s strengths as joyful genre entertainment. This episode follows after 5:19.1, in which guest Steve Ryfle dissected the film’s [...]

Godzilla - Radio Film Review

Godzilla – Radio Film Review

Turns out maintaining a presence in the social network only makes life more complex for a film critic. I had to delay my viewing of GODZILLA ’til Sunday, meantime trying to avoid the various hosannas and the occasional nay-say (not to mention Steve Biodrowski’s own in-depth analysis) being splattered all over Facebook, Twitter, etc. An [...]

Godzilla: Spotlight Podcast 5:19.1

Godzilla: Spotlight Podcast 5:19.1

Godzilla has stormed into theatres, and he’s too big to fit into one podcast! That’s right: this week the Cinefantastique Spotlight will be presented in two parts. The first features regulars Lawrence French and Steve Biodrowski, along with special guest Steve Ryfle (author of Japan’s Favorite Mon-Star: The Unauthorized Biograph of the Big G). Listen [...]

Godzilla (2014) review

Godzilla (2014) review

Is Legendary Pictures’ GODZILLA the perfect re-imagining of the classic kaiju character as the star of a Hollywood blockbuster? No. Is it a decent antidote to the disappointing 1998 film from Sony Pictures? Yes. Does that mean the new film is a mediocrity that falls somewhere in the middle? Hell no. For all its dramaturgical [...]

Jack the Giant Slayer: Review

Jack the Giant Slayer: Review

There’s no magic in this beanstalk, and viewers foolish enough to spend money on tickets are likely to feel as cheated as Jack when told he’s been swindled out of a horse and cart for a few worthless beans. The root of the problem lies in a fatal uncertainty about exactly what JACK THE GIANT [...]

'Dark Knight Rises': TV Spot #3

‘Dark Knight Rises’: TV Spot #3

Bruce Wayne claims to be “retired”, but the lure of Bat-gadgets remains.

2nd 'Wrath of the Titans' Trailer

2nd ‘Wrath of the Titans’ Trailer

Monsters abound as CLASH OF THE TITANS sequel second trailer hits.

Hughes Leaves 'Akira'

Hughes Leaves ‘Akira’

BOOK OF ELI director opts out of Manga/Anime live-action adaptation.

Amy Adams Cast as Lois Lane

Amy Adams Cast as Lois Lane

Three times Ocar-nominated actress Amy Adams to play iconic comic book character.

'Sucker Punch' Trailer & Tidbits

‘Sucker Punch’ Trailer & Tidbits

Unusal fantasy project from WATCHMAN director Zack Synder.