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Constantine: Non Est Asylum - Episode 1 Review

Constantine: Non Est Asylum – Episode 1 Review

The premiere episode of CONSTANTINE stumbles across the television screen rather like a loud and boisterous drunk stumbling out of a bar: it catches your attention, and you sense its charm, but half the time its incoherent ramblings make no sense. “Non Est Asylum” (”there is no asylum”) also betrays evidence of being a busted [...]

Constantine: TV Review

Constantine: TV Review

If you’re not getting enough televised horror from your cable and streaming outlets (THE WALKING DEAD, PENNY DREADFUL, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, AMERICAN HORROR STORY, SALEM, etc), broadcast network NBC has something for you: following GRIMM on Friday nights, CONSTANTINE is an adaptation of DC’s Hellblazer comic series, starring Matt Ryan as John Constantine – [...]

Dead Snow 2 premieres in L.A.

Dead Snow 2 premieres in L.A.

As part of the SpectreFest film festival at the Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles, the Cinefamily and SpectraVision present the Los Angeles premiere of DEAD SNOW 2: RED VS DEAD on the second half of a double bill with the original DEAD SNOW – the amusing horror-comedy about Nazi Zombies. Director Tommy Wirkola returns [...]

Classic Halloween Horror Films in L.A.

Classic Halloween Horror Films in L.A.

If you are a fan of classic horror films and you are lucky enough to live in the Los Angeles area, then you have ample opportunity to sample your favorite titles on the big screen, surrounded by an appreciative audience. Sure, you probably own most of the films on Blu-ray disc, but there’s nothing like [...]

Life After Beth - review

Life After Beth – review

Like its titular zombie, this film makes a good first impression, but before long you can tell the neurons are not quite firing correctly.
If your girlfriend died after you had been having problems, leaving you morose and regretful because you never got to say you were sorry, you might think the greatest good fortune would [...]

The Black Torment (1964) - 50th anniversary review

The Black Torment (1964) – 50th anniversary review

“Terrror Creeps from the fringe of fear to the pit of panic! And horror piles upon suspense as evil plunges into…THE BLACK TORMENT.”
Sounds pretty trashy, right? Like the excessive hyperbole associated with some deservedly forgotten exploitation film from decades past. Well, that assessment is half right: THE BLACK TORMENT is almost forgotten but not deservedly [...]

Devil Doll - 50th anniversary review

Devil Doll – 50th anniversary review

A movie about a sinister ventriloquist and his even more sinister dummy – think there might be something strange, even supernatural, at work? You guessed right! But this time there’s a twist: the ventriloquist is also a mystical mesmerist, and the dummy is not some projection of his fragmented personality; it is actually…well, we’ll get [...]

CFQ Spotlight 5:25 - Deliver Us From Evil

CFQ Spotlight 5:25 – Deliver Us From Evil

Demons are trying to break on through into our world – and they enjoy The Doors! Listen in as Cinefantastique podcasters Lawrence French and Steve Biodrowski explore the horrors of DELIVER US FROM EVIL, an interesting amalgam of THE EXORCIST and SEVEN, from the team behind THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE. Eric Bana stars as [...]

Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction Films of 1964: A-D

Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction Films of 1964: A-D

Cinefantastique celebrates the good, the bad, and the ugly from five decades ago.
1964 is a transitional year for horror, fantasy, and science fiction films. In the wake of the new wave of Technicolor horror that started in the 1950s, old-fashioned black-and-white atmosphere is seeing its last gasp, with titles such as CASTLE OF BLOOD and [...]

Possession (1980) – watch free

Some films are too weird to satisfy yet too fascinating to dismiss. Take, for instance, POSSESSION (1980), the uber-strange film from Polish director Andrzej Zulawski, which stars Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neill as a married couple undergoing some kind of breakdown. Conventional melodrama, right? No. The marital discord manifests in bizarre and frightening ways, as [...]