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How to Train Your Dragon 2 - Radio Film Review

How to Train Your Dragon 2 – Radio Film Review

I’m at the point where I can pretty much take or leave 3D. As a techie, I want to embrace any technology that’ll expand the cinemagoing experience, but even I have to concede that most of the time 3D is employed as little more than an add-on, just a way to charge extra for stuff [...]

The Tempest: December 10

The Tempest: December 10

Touchstone Pictures releases this sex-change version of Shakespeare’s play (which famously served as inspiration for the 1956 science fiction classic FORBIDDEN PLANET). The story has the rightful duchess of Milan (a duke in the original) exiled to an island with her daughter. As fate would have it, a tempest shipwreck the enemies of Prospera (Helen [...]