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BATMAN in the Media, Pt.2

BATMAN in the Media, Pt.2

BATMAN comes to TV — but will the audience accept the mysterious Masked Manhunter into their living rooms? Maybe if he’s a duly deputized member of the law. Tune in to find out.

BATMAN In the Media, Part 1

BATMAN In the Media, Part 1

Batman started in the comics, but soon spread to radio, movies and television.

FOX orders 'Punisher' Pilot

FOX orders ‘Punisher’ Pilot

Network commits to produce Marvel Comics character TV pilot.

'Dr. Strange' Movie

‘Dr. Strange’ Movie “Sooner”?

Marvel’s Kevin Feige hopes to bring the Master of the Mystic Arts to the Movies.

'The Avengers' — Official Trailer

‘The Avengers’ — Official Trailer

The long-awaited trailer for THE AVENGERS is Assembled.

Director Booted from 'Dredd' Re-boot?

Director Booted from ‘Dredd’ Re-boot?

Reports of Pete Travis being barred from completing JUDGE DREDD adaptation, writer/producer takes over. UPDATED

Avengers Assemble—Promo Art

Avengers Assemble—Promo Art

Three pieces of promotional artwork for Marvel Sudios/Disney’s THE AVENGERS

DC Comics '52' Relaunch—Video

DC Comics ‘52′ Relaunch—Video

More about DC’s new direction.

'Captain America' TV Spot #4

‘Captain America’ TV Spot #4

He’s just a kid from Brooklyn.

Priest: Cinefantastique Spotlight Podcast 2.18.1

Priest: Cinefantastique Spotlight Podcast 2.18.1

The post-apocalyptic future, what could be more fun? Well, puppies, stick ball, and watching Donald Trump eat a bug, amongst other things. Nevertheless, the producers of PRIEST are hoping you’re jazzed to see a ravaged world in which the war between humanity and blind, sluglike creatures called vampires has reached a [...]