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ROBOT CHICKEN's Kevin Shinick: The CFQ Interview

ROBOT CHICKEN’s Kevin Shinick: The CFQ Interview

It’s an old cliche, but worth repeating: Comedy is serious business, even when we’re talking about the nut shots and fart jokes of ROBOT CHICKEN, even when we’re talking about the gentler, youth-appropriate rowdiness of Cartoon Network’s MAD. Kevin Shinick knows about that — he’s copped an Emmy writing for CHICKEN and not only writes [...]

J.G. Quintel on REGULAR SHOW: Cartoon Interview Podcast

J.G. Quintel on REGULAR SHOW: Cartoon Interview Podcast

Give REGULAR SHOW creator J.G. Quintel credit for coming up with a title that works in ironic counterpoint to itself. On the one hand, the Cartoon Network series is an examination of young people entering the workforce in modern America, with all the friction, tension, and social and moral quandaries that might ensue. On the [...]

DC Nation Starts Tomorrow

DC Nation Starts Tomorrow

MARCH 3rd marks the premiere of DC Nation programing on Cartoon Network.

'DC Nation' Advance Trailer

‘DC Nation’ Advance Trailer

New preview includes glimpses of the CGI GREEN LANTERN: ANIMATED series, new season of YOUNG JUSTICE and more.

'Beware the Batman' & DC Nation

‘Beware the Batman’ & DC Nation

BEWARE THE BATMAN in CGI, Claymation Shorts, coming to Cartoon Network.

'Green Lantern: Animated'—Trailer

‘Green Lantern: Animated’—Trailer

Here’s a look at Warner Brothers’ GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, a new Bruce Timm-produced series for Cartoon Network.

“Green Lantern: Animated’ Poster

Advance poster for GREEN LANTERN: The Animated Series, which will air on The Cartoon Network in 2011

Venture Brothers – New Season Trailer

Is it THE VENTURE BROS. Season Five or 4.5 or Season Four Vol.2?
They’re not sure, themselves. Whatever it is, here it is.
THE VENTURE BROS. returns to Adult Swim on The Cartoon Network August 22nd.

Free 'Kekkaishi' Download

Free ‘Kekkaishi’ Download

VIZ Media has passed on an invite to fans to explore the demon-battling action adventure of the Shonen Sunday KEKKAISHI anime series with a FREE Download-to-Own (DTO) episode starting today through VIZ Media partners iTunes, Xbox Live’s Zune Marketplace, PlayStation®Network and Amazon Video on Demand.
KEKKAISHI Episode 1 will be available for free download through [...]

'Green Lantern' Beams to Cartoon Network

‘Green Lantern’ Beams to Cartoon Network

The Hollywood Reporter says that The Cartoon Network is planning an animated Green Lantern series.
The article states that during a slide presentation for investors by Phil Kent (Chairman and CEO of Time Warner’s Turner Networks), a slide of Cartoon Network original programs included the title ‘GREEN LANTERN: The Animated Series’.
Later today, Warner Brothers [...]