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The Night of the Doctor: A Mini Episode of Doctor Who

The Night of the Doctor: A Mini Episode of Doctor Who

Ever wonder what happend to the Paul McGann version of Doctor Who? You know, the one who appeared in the 1996 film on Fox TV? Low ratings put that version of the Doctor in limbo, and the franchise remained dormant for years, until the BBC resurrected the iconic Time Lord for a revamped DOCTOR WHO [...]

'DR. WHO' - Season 7.0

‘DR. WHO’ – Season 7.0 “Finale” Review

THE ANGELS TAKE MANHATTAN at the end of too short and unsatisfying a season.

Dr. Who: Angels Preview

Dr. Who: Angels Preview

Plus DOCTOR WHO IN THE U.S. special.

DR. WHO: 'Asylum of the Daleks' — Review

DR. WHO: ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ — Review

DOCTOR WHO returns for Seventh Seven –SPOILERS–

'Dr. Who' Season 7 Trailer

‘Dr. Who’ Season 7 Trailer

See the trailer by opening the article. (Due to formatting.)

'Blakes 7' for U.S. TV?

‘Blakes 7′ for U.S. TV?

BBC Cult Classic to be rebooted as a U.S. TV show?

'Dr. Who' Season 7 Teaser

‘Dr. Who’ Season 7 Teaser

Farscape’s Ben Browder makes appearance.

New 'Doctor Who' Companion

New ‘Doctor Who’ Companion

Soap-opera actress will play the Doctor’s new companion.

'Lone Ranger' & 'Dr. Who' Go West

‘Lone Ranger’ & ‘Dr. Who’ Go West

First Pic of Armie Hammer & Johnny Depp and Lone Ranger & Tonto,
Matt Smith dons Stetson for Western episode.

'Dr. Who' Season 7 —13 episodes +

‘Dr. Who’ Season 7 —13 episodes +

BBC Time Travel series to have “at least 14″ episodes, plus the promise of exciting things for the 50th Anniversary.