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2nd ‘Rise of POTA’ Trailer

Go Ape with 20th Century Fox’s second full RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES trailer

'X-Men: First Class' — Featurette

‘X-Men: First Class’ — Featurette

Explore the X-MEN’s FAMILY TREE in video.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes — Trailer

Rise of the Planet of the Apes — Trailer

RISE OF THE APES is a near modern-day prequel.

Aronofsky Leaves 'The Wolverine'

Aronofsky Leaves ‘The Wolverine’

Darren Aronofsky drops out of THE WOLVERINE, Fox says film to go forward.

Fox Develping 'Daredevil' Sequel (of Sorts)

Fox Develping ‘Daredevil’ Sequel (of Sorts)

20th Century Fox thinks it might be time for DAREDEVIL to be Born Again.

'Promethus': Theron In Talks, Fassbender Reveals

‘Promethus’: Theron In Talks, Fassbender Reveals

Charlize Theron negotiating to co-star in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, Michael Fassbener hints still a ALIEN connection.

X-Men: First Class — Trailer

X-Men: First Class — Trailer

X-MEN FIRST CLASS Trailer debuts. Possible misfire from Matthew Vaughn and Fox?

Sneak Peek at Magento

Sneak Peek at Magento

Magneto turns his back to us, but 20th Century Fox promises more from X-MEN:FIRST CLASS.

Fassbender for ‘Prometheus’?

X-MEN FIRST CLASS Star in talks with FOX.

'X-Men: First Class Pic'—Jones on Hellfire Club

‘X-Men: First Class Pic’—Jones on Hellfire Club

January Jones taks about the Hellfire Club, X-Men wear X-Men costumes something like the actual comics.