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BATMAN in the Media, Pt.2

BATMAN in the Media, Pt.2

BATMAN comes to TV — but will the audience accept the mysterious Masked Manhunter into their living rooms? Maybe if he’s a duly deputized member of the law. Tune in to find out.

NBC Picks Up 'Grimm' & 'Awake'

NBC Picks Up ‘Grimm’ & ‘Awake’

GRIMM and AWAKE get fall pickups from NBC, looks like WONDER WOMAN given a pass.

'X-Files' Limited Edition CD

‘X-Files’ Limited Edition CD

La-La Land Records releases 4-CD music score by Mark Snow from the TV series.

Fox Pushes 'Terra Nova' to Fall

Fox Pushes ‘Terra Nova’ to Fall

Spielberg’s troubled Time-traveling dinsoaur show pushed back, again.