Video interviews with filmmakers and actors from your favorite horror, fantasy, and science fiction films – both new and classic

TOTAL RECALL: Colin Farrell Interview

Actor Colin Farrell on playing Douglas Quaid, the role originated by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1990 version of TOTAL RECALL.

Cavill on playing Superman

Cavill on playing Superman

“To turn around and realize that I’m SUPERMAN…there’s no other feeling like it.”

'Ghost Rider's' Blackout Not True to Comic

‘Ghost Rider’s’ Blackout Not True to Comic

Marvel Comics fans not likely to be happy that SPIRIT OF VENGENCE’s version uses name and appearance of the character — not his backstory.

Batman: Arkham City: New York Comic Con 2011 Video

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The lunatics have taken over the Gotham, and fans of the Dark Knight are all asking, “Why didn’t this happen sooner?” Their patience has been paid off in BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY, a new video game that takes the mayhem first encountered in BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM and spreads it out into [...]

DC Relaunch Johns & Lee Interview— Video

DC Relaunch Johns & Lee Interview— Video

Geoff Johns And Jim Lee explain the plan behind the DC 52 Relaunch begining with Justice League “#1″.

Meredith Vieira  On 'Doctor Who'

Meredith Vieira On ‘Doctor Who’

Out-going TODAY Show host visits the set of DOCTOR WHO in Wales. Minor SPOILERS!

Michael Shannon On Zod Casting

Michael Shannon On Zod Casting

Being cast as an iconic role in a big, secretive Hollywood production can border on the surreal.

'Promethus': Theron In Talks, Fassbender Reveals

‘Promethus’: Theron In Talks, Fassbender Reveals

Charlize Theron negotiating to co-star in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, Michael Fassbener hints still a ALIEN connection.

Hatchet II Q&A with Adam Green

Writer-director Adam Green answers questions after the Hollywood premiere of HATCHET II at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre, on September 30, 2010. Members of the cast and crew are also on view, including Danielle Harris (HALLOWEEN IV), Kane Hodder (FRIDAY THE 13TH, PART VII: THE NEW BLOOD), Tony Todd (CANDYMAN), and Tom Holland (director of [...]

Back to the Future Blu-ray & DVD Interview: Robert Zemeckis

Director Robert Zemeckis discusses his work on the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy, which arrived Tuesday in a new 25th anniversary edition, avaiable on DVD & Blu-ray.