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Watch Invaders from Mars

A couple days ago we offered up free viewing of 20,000 MILLION MILES TO EARTH. Now, with ALIEN TRESPASS opening in theatres today, it seems like a good time to offer INVADERS FROM MARS. ALIEN TRESPASS, of course, is a spoof of old sci-fi films about aliens invading Earth, so why not return to the [...]

20,000 Million Miles to Earth – Watch it for free!

20,000 MILLION MILES TO EARTH (1957) is one of the early black-and-white science fiction films from Ray Harryhausen, the special effects expert who used stop-motion techniques to bring numerous monsters to life throughout his long career. Thanks to Google Video, you can watch this classic example of his work for free. It’s all about an [...]

ANIME in the USA Part 1: Tapes from the Underground

ANIME in the USA Part 1: Tapes from the Underground

What started with a small core of avid viewers equipped with the first home VCRs continues now on the web through the work of fan-subbers. A brief look at the birth and evolution of anime fandom in the United States.
This was originally created for the Independent Film Channel to promote the broadcast debut of the [...]

ANIME in the USA Part 2: Eisenstein-Sensei

ANIME in the USA Part 2: Eisenstein-Sensei

On the one hand, you have the Russian director; on the other, you have Japanese animators who, out of necessity and by either accident or design, find themselves resorting to his theories to create a unique genre of film. A brief look into how a cinematic pioneer helped form what’s come to be known as [...]

Watch This Movie: “Parents”

by Dan Persons
Who knew Bob Balaban — the nerdy translator from CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND; the asshole critic from LADY IN THE WATER; Russell Dalrymple from SEINFELD; and the dispeptic Jewish guy from A MIGHTY WIND and countless other movies — had it in him? A weird and nasty a meditation on natural [...]