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Halloween House of Horrors 2013

October is the season of horror, with classics and cult films resurrected on the big screen, season video releases, and a myriad of haunted house events, many of them based on horror movies. Universal Studios Hollywood specializes in this kind of attraction, as you can see from this video, set in the House of Horrors. [...]

Clutter Magazine's Josh Kimberg: New York Comic Con 2011 Video

Clutter Magazine’s Josh Kimberg: New York Comic Con 2011 Video

As I mentioned in Random Hunks o’ Con, I’m of two minds when it comes to collectible toys. On the one hand, I cannot quite reconcile myself to the idea of toys created expressly to be looked at, and not played with. (What would Woody say?) On the other, surveying the detail [...]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Ashley Eckstein: New York Comic Con 2011 Video

Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Ashley Eckstein: New York Comic Con 2011 Video

DC, Marvel, Dark Horse all claimed significant shares of turf at this year’s New York Comic Con, but only STAR WARS staked out its own universe, incorporating numerous vendors within the confines of its expansive area (including Hallmark, for all your limited-edition Xmas ornament needs).
And there in the midst of it was Ashley Eckstein — [...]

Random Hunks o' Con: New York Comic Con 2011 Video

Random Hunks o’ Con: New York Comic Con 2011 Video

Cinefantastique hit the floor of New York Comic Con 2011 and discovered… people. Lots ‘n’ lots of people. NYCC sold out for the entire weekend, and the upshot was that even the isolated reaches of the show floor became navigational nightmares at certain points during the day. Woe betide the mortal wandering Artists Alley who [...]

Halloween Horror Nights: Red Carpet Celebrity Interviews

Halloween Horror Nights: Red Carpet Celebrity Interviews

Unlike other Halloween attractions, Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights is closely tied in with the horror film genre – perfectly appropriate for company created such classics as DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN, and THE WOLF MAN. Each Halloween season – which, for the major theme park events, launches in September – Universal offers mazes and monsters inspired by [...]

Pratchett on 'Discworld' TV Series

Pratchett on ‘Discworld’ TV Series

Terry Pratchett’s comic Fantasy Mega-Book series to spin off TV show.

Saw: Game Over at Halloween Horror Nights – Video Flashback

For the past few years, Universal Studios in Hollywood has employed a strategy of building their annual Halloween Horror Nights attraction around established film franchises. Last year, they featured walk-through mazes based on SAW and HALLOWEEN, among others. The HALLOWEEN maze is gone for 2010, but SAW is back for another year of terrorizing eager [...]

Universal’s Halloween House of Horrors: Video Flashback

Ever since Knott’s Berry Farm began basing their annual Halloween Haunt mazes on titles like THE GRUDGE 2 and QUARANTINE, there has been a tendency for Halloween attractions to seek inspiration from horror and fantasy movies. No one has taken the concept further than Universal Studios in Hollywood, whose annual Halloween Horror Nights features, among [...]

Freddy, Jason & Jigsaw to haunt Universal for Halloween

Freddy, Jason & Jigsaw to haunt Universal for Halloween

Universal Studios has a long and honorable tradition of classic horror films and monster movies, so it is no surprise that when October rolls around, they look to film franchises to inspire attractions for their annual Halloween Horror Nights (which takes place at both the Hollywood and the Florida locations). Since the Hollywood version was [...]

‘Green Lantern’ SDCC Panel Highlights

Via Warner Brothers’ youTube page, here’s some highlights from the GREEN LANTERN panel at the San Diego Comic Con.

Watch to the end to hear star Ryan Reyonlds recite the Green Lantern oath for a young fan.