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Skyfall Music Video

Brief promo video from the James Bond film, SKYFALL, featuring the song by Adele.

BATTLESHIP on Home Video

On Tuesday, August 28, BATTLESHIP arrives on home video in multiple formats: Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD. The Blu-ray Combo Pack includes a digital cop of the film, for use on mobile devices, along with UltraViolet, which allows you to collect your movies on the could, from which you can stream and download them to computers, [...]


In a break with tradition, Lionsgate is release THE HUNGER GAMES in all home video formats (Blu-ray, DVD, VOD, and Digital Download) – not on a Tuesday but at a minute past midnight on the morning of Saturday, August 18. The strategy is designed to generate lines of eager fans at midnight retail events around [...]

Sense of Wonder: Olympic Anticipation Edition

Sense of Wonder: Olympic Anticipation Edition

Show of hands:
Watching the Olympic gymnastic events on NBC tonight, how many of you could not help thinking of this sequence from FINAL DESTINATION 5?

'Star Trek 2' Fight Scene — BTS Clip

‘Star Trek 2′ Fight Scene — BTS Clip

Spock fights SHERLOCK Star in Behind the Scenes footage.

Santuary Season 4 Finale—Sneak Peek

Santuary Season 4 Finale—Sneak Peek

Season Finale—or Series End?

‘Terra Nova: Now You See Me’ Sneak Peek

Dinosaurs lead Taylor and Mira to the brink in action-filled preview.

'Sanctuary' Goes Musical

‘Sanctuary’ Goes Musical

SANCTUARY enters a FUGUE state with musical episode.

'Terra Nova: Proof'—Sneak Peek

‘Terra Nova: Proof’—Sneak Peek

Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara) investigates a robbery in the Colony’s lab.

'Sanctuary: Monsoon' — Sneak Peek

‘Sanctuary: Monsoon’ — Sneak Peek

Nothing seems to go as planned for the SANCTUARY crew.