'The Avengers' Assemble for EW

‘The Avengers’ Assemble for EW

Entertainment Weekly devotes its cover story to Marvel Studios’ upcoming THE AVENGERS.

DC Relaunch Johns & Lee Interview— Video

DC Relaunch Johns & Lee Interview— Video

Geoff Johns And Jim Lee explain the plan behind the DC 52 Relaunch begining with Justice League “#1″.

Cashiers du Cinemart & 3-Descent: CFQ’s Black Hole Ultra-Lounge 2:31.2

Cashiers du Cinemart’s Mike White hangs out after the Cinefantastique Spotlight to talk to Dan Persons about his magazine, his anthology, Impossibly Funky: A Cashiers du Cinemart Collection, the clouded future of 3D, and, of course, the indelible allure of BLACK SHAMPOO.