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'Naught For Hire' - SF Detective

‘Naught For Hire’ – SF Detective

Ben Browder (FARSCAPE, STARGATE: SG-1) set to star in NAUGHT FOR HIRE, a web series based on John E. Stith’s (Redshift Rendezvous) SF detective stories.

Harry Knowles to run Famous

Harry Knowles to run Famous

Congrats to Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News! He’s revealed that he’ll be running Famous for new owner Philip Kim.
Knowles has been a devotee of the late Forrest J Ackerman, long-time genre fan, literary agent, and Editor of the original Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, the seminal Horror/Science Fiction publication. Aimed [...]

New Green Hornet Pic, Interview

New Green Hornet Pic, Interview

SuperheroHype has an interesting, 5-page set visit and interviews about THE GREEN HORNET online.
Here’s a few excerpts from their interview with director Michel Gondry.
Regarding taking on the script:
What I liked was when I was asked again by Seth and Evan was that they bring back the spirit of the action comedy that I didn’t see [...]

TREK Star in Web Series - Clip

TREK Star in Web Series – Clip

STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE’s Armin Shimerman (Quark) has been cast in the new science fiction web series ZIMM.
He’ll be playing Special Agent In Charge Ryan Sutherland, with NUMB3ERS’ Alimi Ballard as Agent Keith Clarkson.
Robyn Hyden (BLOOD AND ROSES) and Michelle Boyd (FLASHFORWARD) will be playing Bailey and Halley Zimm, respectively.
Seems to be an [...]

'Bleach': Free Online

‘Bleach’: Free Online

VIZ Media announced that English-subtitled episodes from the most current story arc of BLEACH will begin streaming for free in the U.S. via the company’s premier website for anime,
Starting today with Episode 275, will stream a new BLEACH episode one week after it has aired in Japan.
BLEACH is one of the most [...]

CYBERSURFING: Did JAWS Ruin The Modern Blockbuster?

CYBERSURFING: Did JAWS Ruin The Modern Blockbuster?

Is a 35-year old movie to blame for the recent round of Hollywood fluff?

‘Star Trek V’ Shatner Mash-up

Found this little gem surfing over to SHATNER OF THE MOUNT by Fall On Your Sword.
Apparently edited from one of the special features of the STAR TREK V:THE FINAL FRONTIER (1989) DVD.
And isn’t it about time Paramount let William Shatner do a Director’s Edition of that film?
By the [...]

Cybersurfing: Hollywood's Future Rests In The Hands Of A Plastic Few

Cybersurfing: Hollywood’s Future Rests In The Hands Of A Plastic Few

The fate of Hollywood’s 2010 revenue hinges on the success of TOY STORY 3. What brought it to this point?

Christopher Nolan on 'Superman'

Christopher Nolan on ‘Superman’

Ain’t It Cool News features a Q & A from Geoff Boucher’s L.A. Times Hero Complex Film Festival with Christopher Nolan, where the director’s INSOMNIA and THE DARK KNIGHT were screened.
As Nolan’s films tend to be dark, and about ‘haunted’ protagonists, why did he choose to produce a Superman film, a character often viewed as a [...]

Cybersurfing: Salon seeks meaning in Torture Porn

Cybersurfing: Salon seeks meaning in Torture Porn

Thoughts on the “Torture Porn” genre and the reasons for its emergence.