Tom Powers

Tom Powers was Editor of from 2005-2008. He's been involved in independent filmmaking, voice acting, and also writes fiction and fact-based articles elsewhere as Thomas V. Powers.
BATMAN in the Media, Pt.2

BATMAN in the Media, Pt.2

BATMAN comes to TV — but will the audience accept the mysterious Masked Manhunter into their living rooms? Maybe if he’s a duly deputized member of the law. Tune in to find out.

BATMAN In the Media, Part 1

BATMAN In the Media, Part 1

Batman started in the comics, but soon spread to radio, movies and television.

'STAR TREK: Into Darkness' trailer

‘STAR TREK: Into Darkness’ trailer

Japanese “Announcement” Trailer with Extra footage, plus Advance poster and synopsis. POSSILE SPOILERS

The CW's ARROW - 'Pilot' Review

The CW’s ARROW – ‘Pilot’ Review

Surprisingly, the pilot episode of this GREEN ARROW re-imaging is quite interesting and enjoyable to watch.

'DR. WHO' - Season 7.0

‘DR. WHO’ – Season 7.0 “Finale” Review

THE ANGELS TAKE MANHATTAN at the end of too short and unsatisfying a season.

Dr. Who: Angels Preview

Dr. Who: Angels Preview

Plus DOCTOR WHO IN THE U.S. special.

Latest CW 'ARROW' Teaser

Latest CW ‘ARROW’ Teaser

Here’s ‘Justice’, the latest teaser for ARROW, The CW Network’s TV reimagining of DC Comic’s long-running Green Arrow character

DR. WHO: 'Asylum of the Daleks' — Review

DR. WHO: ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ — Review

DOCTOR WHO returns for Seventh Seven –SPOILERS–

New 'DR. WHO' Trailer

New ‘DR. WHO’ Trailer

New Season of DOCTOR WHO to premiere September 1st on BBC America.

'Dr. Who' Season 7 Trailer

‘Dr. Who’ Season 7 Trailer

See the trailer by opening the article. (Due to formatting.)