James Gracey

James Gracey is a freelance writer based in Belfast. He is the author of 'Dario Argento' (Kamera Books) and has written for Film Ireland, Alternative Ulster, Paracinema and Eye for Film. He has also contributed to Culture Northern Ireland, Eat My Brains and Little White Lies.
Yellow Fever: Sean Keller on Writing

Yellow Fever: Sean Keller on Writing “Giallo” for Dario Argento

Tired of seeing the same old stuff, co-writers Sean Keller and Jim Agnew believed they knew exactly how to inject some much needed style and substance back into the jugular of the horror genre. The fans of ’70s & ’80s Italian horror-thrillers – known as gialli – scripted an homage, little knowing that the reigning king of the form would choose to direct.