Podcast 4-48.2: Walking with Dinosaurs, Walter Mitty & WWZ

WalkingWithDinosaurs Podcast 4 48.2: Walking with Dinosaurs, Walter Mitty & WWZ

What treats lie beneath the tree in this week’s Cinefantastique Black Hole Ultra-Lounge Podcast? There are capsule reviews of WALKING WITH DINOSAURS 3D and THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY; a look at new horror, fantasy, and science fiction titles released on home video for Tuesday, December 24; and a post-mortem of the unrated director’s cut of WORLD WAR Z, which restores the gore missing from the PG-13 theatrical version. Then CFQ podcasters Lawrence French, Dan Persons, and Steve Biodrowski react to the new trailer for DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES and offer their stocking-stuffer wish lists for this holiday season!

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