THE PURGE: CFQ Spotlight Podcast 4:23

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Lena Headey and Ethan Hawke play a well-off couple who discover that steel shutters and high-tech surveillance systems are not enough to keep out THE PURGE.

THE PURGE had a happy weekend at the theaters and a not-so-happy weekend in the press, drawing healthy box office but getting slammed by most critics. Somewhat reflecting the confusion, the Cinefantastique Online gang of Steve Biodrowski, Lawrence French, and Dan Persons are of mixed opinions about this tale of the United States undergoing a night of officially sanctioned violence, with reactions to the film ranging from “surprisingly tense with a powerful social subtext” to “the worst kind of cinematic exploitation.” Come join us as we dig into this low-budget exercise in speculative horror, discussing where director James DeMonaco succeeds and fails in meshing commentary with thrills, and pondering what happens when these people have to face each other the morning after.

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Dan Persons

DAN PERSONS is a New York-based writer who first got bit by the Cinefantastique bug when he encountered the 1979 double issue devoted to the sci-fi classic FORBIDDEN PLANET. He contributed for many years to the magazine, first as a correspondent, then as an editor.

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