Dan Persons

DAN PERSONS is a New York-based writer who first got bit by the Cinefantastique bug when he encountered the 1979 double issue devoted to the sci-fi classic FORBIDDEN PLANET. He contributed for many years to the magazine, first as a correspondent, then as an editor.

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3 responses to “STARCRASH: Bad Film Podcast”

  1. Andrea Lipinski

    Oops — my bad. I referred to the Kristy McNichol movie that was loosely based on The Pirates of Penzance as The Pirates, but what I should have said was The Pirate Movie! And yes, the part of the film where somebody starts using a lightsaber is definitely a WTF moment of the highest caliber.

    Also, if you’re a fan of Italian knock-offs of popular movies, make sure that you check out one of my personal favorites: Devil Fish!!!

    Dan, I’m impressed that you found a picture of Caroline Munro in her translucent outfit over her sexy outfit. That look was SOOOOOOO ridiculous! Oh, and thanks for giving me an excuse to use Google Translate!

  2. Tom Powers

    Bad as it is, STARCRASH always brings a smile to my face. I enjoy it, and have fond memories of seeing it in the theater — with the house music over the ‘lightsword’ robot fight. The tune was the Continental, and it synched up perfectly, bringing the entire audience to fits of laughter.

  3. zoragoth

    Sorry guys, but John Barry’s score for STARCRASH in no way resembles anything John Williams did for STAR WARS. While not one of his standout works, to be sure, it is enjoyable and unmistakeably his own.

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