J.G. Quintel on REGULAR SHOW: Cartoon Interview Podcast

Regular Show Composite v01 350 J.G. Quintel on REGULAR SHOW: Cartoon Interview Podcast

J.G. Quintel and his REGULAR SHOW.

Give REGULAR SHOW creator J.G. Quintel credit for coming up with a title that works in ironic counterpoint to itself. On the one hand, the Cartoon Network series is an examination of young people entering the workforce in modern America, with all the friction, tension, and social and moral quandaries that might ensue. On the other, said young people include a giant blue jay, his best-friend raccoon, and their boss, a giant, walking gumball machine, and situations that start as prosaically as an argument over Internet access time and the desire to forge a cool identity for oneself soon acquire such irregular aspects as visits from interplanetary basketball gods and assaults by far-future Terminators. Yep, starting a career in this world is harder than you imagined.

I got to sit down with J.G. Quintel to talk about unusual challenges of being regular. Click on the player to hear the show.

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