The Venture Bros’ Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer: New York Comic Con 2011 Podcast

Dean Venture succombs to the inexorable pull of the Floyd Hole in THE VENTURE BROS.

Dean Venture succombs to the inexorable pull of the Floyd Hole in THE VENTURE BROS.

Yes, Cinefantastique Online was at the just-wrapped New York Comic Con 2011, and we’re going to be bringing you tons o’ goodies — in both audio and video form — over the coming days (and weeks!). But we figured we should start you off the with the choice of the choice: the full press conference for Adult Swim’s hit series, THE VENTURE BROS, featuring creators Jackson Publick (a.k.a. Christopher McCulloch) and Eric “Doc” Hammer.

It’s close to a full hour of goodness, during which Publick and Hammer not only field questions about the show but — as has become legendary during their press conferences — also take the audience on a wild ride through their fertile imaginations, including expressing frustration for their lack of involvement in the DOCTOR STRANGE movie, confessing an unsettling fascination for a certain, esoteric sex act, and developing on-the-spot an entire action-thriller movie starring Liam Neeson as a man on a desperate quest to rescue his child bride.

Even if you’ve never seen THE VENTURE BROS. (and you should — it’s one of the best animated series going), you should check this out. It’s funny, it’s informative and, fair warning, it’s definitely NSFW. Plug them headphones in.


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