Patton Oswalt & The Heart, She Holler: New York Comic Con 2011 Podcast

Patton Oswalt R 350 Patton Oswalt & The Heart, She Holler: New York Comic Con 2011 Podcast

Good View of the Son Set: Patton Oswalt awaits the treachery of THE HEART, SHE HOLLER.

When the people involved in WONDER SHOWZEN and XAVIER: RENEGADE ANGEL decide to do Southern Gothic drama, you know what you’re going to get is… odd. And so it is with THE HEART, SHE HOLLER, the first mini-series produced by Adult Swim and the twisted brain trust that is PFFR.

Starring Patton Oswalt — in an atrocious pageboy — as the long-lost scion of the Heartshe dynasty locked in battle with sisters Hurshe (pronounced like the chocolate, and played by Kristen Schaal) and Hambrosia (Heather Lawless), the six-episode drama is dark, delirious stew filled with deceit, spectral visitations, and rampant psychokinetic powers. Tennessee Williams would have fits.

We recorded the evening roundtable session (which is probably why we all sound so punchy) with Oswalt and producers John Lee and Alyson Levy. Click on the player to hear the show.

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