Zombies at Toy Fair

EMCE Toys is exhibiting at New York’s Toy Fair this week, and they’re featuring new additions to their NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Mego-style Collector’s Figures.

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Figures from Fearwerx’s original WAR OF THE DEAD line featuring the  Z.E.R.O taskforce from their film shorts and merchandise range are also on display, as is a “Make Your Own Zombie” customizing kit. 

The company is making a splash at the trade show by having flyers passed by Zombies under the control of the SWAT-like Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Emergency Response Operations) soldiers.
EMCE and Fearwerx are divisions of Spherewerx/Fourth Castle MicroMedia, owners of Cinefantastique Magazine and Cinefantastique Online.

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