Craig D. Reid

DR. CRAIG D. REID wrote a cover story for Imagi-Movies on fantasy films from Asia before going on to write a regular column for Cinefantastique called “Fant-Asia.” He now revives the column for Cinefantasitque Online.

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2 responses to “Alakazam the Great (1960): A 50th Anniversary Review”

  1. Dennis Fischer

    Dr. Reid fails to mention another very significant fact about ALAKAZAM THE GREAT, namely that it was also the first Anime film to be released in the West, thereby launching an avalanche of subsequent anime productions as well as the career of Osamu Tezuka as an animator.

  2. Steve Biodrowski

    Dennis, you must have skimmed past this sentence:

    “It was the third Japanese cartoon ever made in color and the first anime film to come to America.”

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