‘Clash Of The Titans 2′ Director Set?

According to The L.A. Times,
CLASH OF THE TITANS 2 is being fast-tracked, and Jonathan Liebesman (DARKNESS FALLS) is the lead contender for director.

Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures have reportedly been meeting with a number of candidates, hoping to begin production in or near January 2011.

Liebesman appears to be the front-runner. His sci-fi actioner BATTLE: LOS ANGLES, starring Aaron Eckhart (THE DARK KNIGHT) and Michelle Rodriguez (LOST) from Columbia Pictures is due to open in March 2011, and he has ODYSSEUS lined up for the future.

The need for speed? They have to make sure star Sam Worthington is free, because he’s committed to James Cameron’s AVATAR 2.

TITANS 2 would be shot in 3-D from the get-go, rather than relying on the often unsastisfactory post-production conversion process.

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