“Blue Beetle” Live Action Series In Development

Hot on the heels of DC Entertainment’s confirmation of GREEN LANTERN 2 and THE FLASH film deals, DC Comics writer and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns announced via his Twitter account on Sunday that the company is developing a live action Blue Beetle series for TV.

"BLUE BEETLE NEWS from DCE!! We have a live-action test of Jaime Reyes’ scarab activating his suit. It. Is. Awesome."
"Blue Beetle’s going to appear in most of the Brave and the Bold’s this year and we’re hoping to develop a live-action show. Fingers crossed!"
"If I can break it out of the vault, I’ll bring it to SDCC. LIVE ACTION BLUE BEETLE!!"

So not only is DC developing a live action show around one of their second-tier characters, but they may even go as far as spotlighting it at San Diego Comic Con this July. That’s a pretty big leap of faith for a character that so many in the general public are not familiar with. It will definitely be interesting to continue monitoring this story and to see how networks and average TV viewers will react. Will Blue Beetle become a household name some day? Could this show find a home at the CW like SMALLVILLE has? Or might someone like Fox add Blue Beetle to its lineup along with the already popular HUMAN TARGET? Could this show prove to be a springboard for the development of shows centered around other second tier DC superheroes? Will the show have the same relative success as shows like SMALLVILLE, or will it take the same route as BIRDS OF PREY? Only time will tell. What do you think of the announcement? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. I’ve seen the pictures from the test posted at Geoff John’s DC blog.

    Truly dreadful and dismaying; the design of the suit may work in the comics and for animation, but in live-action it looks like something out of Ultraman or Power Rangers.