Final Destination 5 Secures a Writer

Still from Final Destination 3

Still from Final Destination 3

You’ll remember last month we reported that the FINAL DESTINATION franchise was to receive a forth sequel and now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, New Line have hired someone to write the thing. The studio have chosen Eric Heisserer, who previously worked on new versions of THE THING and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.

Both THE THING and NIGHTMARE were troubled projects which Heisserer helped whip into shape so New Line are probably hoping he can do the same for their franchise as the last instalment, THE FINAL DESTINATION, was hit with production problems and a suffered a critical beating upon its release. Since the high concept core of the franchise (group of attractive youths escape death at a disaster, Grim Reaper then kills them off one by one in a creative fashion) is its main selling point it’s unlikely Heisserer will shake things up too much.

That said, a little change and innovation is exactly what this series is in need of so hopefully he’ll do something to make this a more memorable sequel. There’s no specific plot details or release date yet but we here at Cinefantastique Online will keep you updated on FINAL DESTINATION 5 as it progresses.

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