Cybersurfing: Unbreakable 2 on the way?

Over at, Bill Gibron goes ecstatic over the possiblity of a sequel to UNBREAKABLE, word of which was floated by actor Bruce Willis during a press junket appearance for the current release COP OUT. UNBREAKABLE of course was the disappointing follow-up collaboration between Willis and writer-director M. Night Shyamalan, whose THE SIXTH SENSE became a sleeper blockbuster hit in 1999. Unfortunately, as interesting as it was in conception, UNBREAKABLE was a misfire in execution, offering the first indication (proven all to true by subsequent work) that Shyamalan was not a sure-fire magician who turned everything he touched into gold.

Considering the missed potential in the original, I can kinda, sorta see the promise of a sequel (take a good idea, badly done, and do it right the second time), but I have my doubts. I have the feeling that any follow-up would act less as a revision than as an attempted vindication of the original. Better to just let things lie.

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