Laserblast: Zombieland, Wolf Man, Dr. Who & more

This week laserblasts us with a flurry of fascinating fantasy, horror, and science fiction films released to home video. Looking for something new? There’s the hit horror-comedy ZOMBIELAND on Blu-ray, DVD, and UMD for PSP. Fans of classic horror can rejoice in Universal’s special edition DVD of THE WOLF MAN (1941), which adds some new bonus features to the already fine ones from its previous DVD release.

Classic sci-fi fans need not feel left out: there is also a new DVD box set, TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Sci-Fi Adventures, which includes THEM, THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS, WORLD WITHOUT END, and SATELLITE IN THE SKY. As if that were not enough, the wonderful sci-fi sleeper, MAN FROM EARTH (which you all should see) re-emerges on Blu-ray disc – a great film that has yet to find the audience it deserves. Lastly, timed with the demise of the latest Dr. Who, played by David Tenant, several episodes from his era make their appearance on DVD and Blu-ray, including DR. WHO: THE COMPLETE SPECIALS, THE WATERS OF MARS, and THE END OF TIME.

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Steve Biodrowski

Cinefantastique's Los Angeles Correspondent from 1987 to 1993 and West Coast Editor from 1993 to 1999. Currently the webmaster of Cinefantastique Online, I also run a website called Hollywood Gothique that covers Halloween Horror and Sci-Fi Cinema Events in the Los Angeles area.

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