MSNBC reviews Alien Trespass

Alien Trespass (2009)

MSNBC Film Critic Alonso Duralde reviews ALIEN TRESPASS, and he does not like what he sees. In an article headlined “Alien Trespass is all too familiar/Jokey homage to vintage creature features is the same-old-same-old,” Duralde writes:

Trafficking in arch, winking jokes that even the laziest improv comics would consider beneath them, “Alien Trespass” is a handsomely mounted, and occasionally well-acted, snooze. We’ve seen this kind of homage and spoofery a thousand times before, and this one brings zilch to the table. [...] There was maybe enough material here to yield a clever short film, but 88 minutes of this kind of elbow-in-ribs jocularity becomes exhausting.

A previous review in Variety (which we quoted here, along with the film’s trailer) was quite favorable.

The film opens in select engagements this Friday. The official ALIEN TRESPASS website has a list of theatres.

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