Cybersurfing: Favorite Film Characters

Two of our favorite blogs have added their entries to a meme started at, which asked for lists of Favorite Film Characters. On Friday, Arbogast on Film provided his list, which of course led off with Milton Arbogast, the ill-fated private eye felled by a fall down the stairs (not to mention Mother’s knife) in PSYCHO; Ben Fisher (from LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE),  Countess Maria Zaleska (from DRACULA’S DAUGHTER), and Large Marge (from PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE) also made the list. On Sunday, Jeff Allard, of Dinner with Max Jenke, offered a list that began with Damien Karras, the Doubting Thomas priest in THE EXORCIST (1973). Snake Plissken, Taylor (from PLANET OF THE APES), and Chucky also make Jeff’s list.

Of all of them, my favorite inclusion has to be Arbogast’s tip of the hat to the unnamed “Calypso Singer” from I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE, played by Sir Lancelot. It’s not a big role or one that would immediately come to mind, but when you stop and think about it you realize that, yes, there was something cool going on there that you might have overlooked (because the movie is so good overall that it’s hard for individual parts to stand out0.

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