Fraser discusses Inkheart

Newsday has an interview with actor Brendan Fraser, discussing INKHEART.

The fantasy-adventure “Inkheart” features creatures and castles. Medieval hallucinations. Flying monkeys. Ominous, sky-filling specters. Helen Mirren on a motorcycle. It’s not what anyone would describe as “student filmmaking on a moderate budget.” Unless you’re Brendan Fraser. And you mean it as a compliment.

Fraser, the most unlikely swashbuckler in films, has a different perspective than most on films that cost less than $145 million (which was the estimated budget on his last epic, “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”).

“With these films that rely so heavily on CGI – and I know what I’m talking about – you can get lost in all that sound and fury and noise,” said the star, whose three “Mummy” movies have made, oh, about a billion dollars. He was downing some mahi mahi on the Pacific side of his beach hotel, looking a bit frazzled. But that’s OK. Things have been loud.

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