Cybersurfing: Interviews with the Vampire Directors

The Huffington Post has an interview with Tomas Alfredson, director of the well regarded indie vampire film LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. Regarding the use of violence in the film, Alfredson says:

Your use of violence is oddly not violent: it doesn’t seem like a classic horror film.

I think the most horrifying images are the ones you make yourself. Is there someone standing behind the door, or is it just two shoes standing there? A lot of filmmakers have monologues, up in your face: it is much more interesting to suggest different things to the audience, so they can get involved. It would be easy to make an audience to feel sick. This film is much more about reaction not action: how people react to the actions rather than the actions themselves.

iF Magazine interviews Jonathan Frakes about directing THE LIBRARIAN: CURSE OF THE JUAD CHALICE. TNT’s third LIBRARIAN telefilm, which airs on December 7, stars Noah Wylie (E.R.). in the title role, who this time faces off with Russians trying to resurrect Count Dracula. Regarding the shift from KING SOLOMON’S MINES-type adventure to horror, Frakes says:

FRAKES: I love that genre. I also think of the three films, it’s the tightest and it had the best last act. It had the same wonderful tone of comedy peppered in among the action. This one, to a greater extent than the last two, allowed Flynn and Noah to have really seriously dramatic scenes as well. There were a lot of people smiling at the end, which you don’t normally get, and it’s always a complement to the actors and writers.

iF: Was there a balance of “this is how far we can make this scary?”

FRAKES: They pulled back quite a bit. I was more inclined to do much more blood and gore, but TNT and Electric were aware that our audience is not the same audience as SAW.

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