Cybersurfing: Bouseman on “Repo” has an interview with director Darren Lynn Bouseman (SAW 2 through 4), who discusses the problems with getting his latest film, REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA, released in theatres:

I’m a narcissist, so I read every single review, and I think that the studio would have you believe, well, look at the bad reviews – this is why it didn’t get released. This movie, you either love it or hate it. There’s really not a lot of in-between. When the movie was finished and it was screened for the first time, it was met with blank stares. I don’t think they had realized what I had made. But I’ve made 100 per cent the movie I wanted to make. Everything you see, I wanted there. And that’s a blessing and a curse. It’s a singular vision, and once they saw that, panic set in. We’re only in eight theatres in America and one in Canada, and that’s all. So we’ll never make money, at least from a theatrical run.

REPO has earned some buzz online, but Bousman notes that SNAKES ON A PLANE proved that the Internet cannot turn a film into a theatrical hit. Still, he  hopes that REPO, which is currently playing in just over half a dozen theatres in North America, will develop a cult following that could earn a profit on home video.

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