Atlantis Rising to the Screen

Hollyywood Reporter informs us that Joby Harold is in negotiations to adapt the comic book Atlantis Risinginto a big-budget science fiction film for DreamsWorks, with Len Wiseman attached to direct. Film will be produced by Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci, along with Scott MItchell Rosenberg, the creator of the five-part comic series.

“As a writer, Joby has an amazingly strong understanding of how to take genre seriously, which is prerequisite No. 1 for us when it comes to these kinds of movies,” said Kurtzman, who with Orci produced “Eagle Eye” and scripted “Transformers” and the forthcoming “Star Trek.”

In “Atlantis,” an underworld civilization is discovered after seismic rumbles announce its presence. Hostilities with Earth’s land-dwellers ensue.

“In all the classic versions of this kind of movie, the threat is always from the stars,” Orci said. “The idea that it’s somehow our cousins who went off in a different path of evolution who have been here, literally, underneath our oceans. … That’s fascinating, the idea of secrets right under your nose.”

DreamWorks is planning to have the action-packed blockbuster - in the vein of James Cameron’s ALIENS – in theatres for summer 2011.

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