Freddy Krueger at Halloween Horror Nights

Freddy Krueger – the dream demon who stalked sleeping teenagers throughout the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET films – is one of three “modern” horror icons sub-contracted to appear at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights. Freddy shows up on the back lot “Terror Tram” tour, and he also has his own walk-through maze, which attempts to recreate the Elm Street House. Inside, are memorable scenes from several of the films, including the Boiler Room and the Roach Motel. Unlike other Halloween Haunts, Universal Studios has the resources to present movie quality sets, makeup, costumes, and effects. This is especially helpful in the Elm Street maze. Unlike Freddy’s contemporaries, Jason and Leatherface (who also lurk on the studio lot during October), the Elm Street films featured a fair share of fantastic imagery, thanks to the dreamscape wherein Kruger resided. The result is a distinctive Halloween experience.

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