Watch This Movie: “Parents”

by Dan Persons

Who knew Bob Balaban — the nerdy translator from CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND; the asshole critic from LADY IN THE WATER; Russell Dalrymple from SEINFELD; and the dispeptic Jewish guy from A MIGHTY WIND and countless other movies — had it in him? A weird and nasty a meditation on natural (and unnatural) human hungers — not to mention the creeping fears that stalk most children — PARENTS slipped through the cracks on initial release, but is worth look-see by anyone with an abiding interest in the Cinefantastique.

Here, after the fold and courtesy of Hulu (which means there are commercials), is the full-length film.

About the Author

Dan Persons

DAN PERSONS is a New York-based writer who first got bit by the Cinefantastique bug when he encountered the 1979 double issue devoted to the sci-fi classic FORBIDDEN PLANET. He contributed for many years to the magazine, first as a correspondent, then as an editor.

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