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One response to “Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002) – Science Fiction Film Review”

  1. PhilosophicalGangster

    oh my god this is so funny and so true- although the “maybe her sex teasing caused anakin to kill so many people” is dumb. I would have rather you talked about the fact that they had absolutely no reason to be “in love” (after 3 days?) besides the fact that they were good looking… “I killed them all… the women and the children” “i love you” ????? or maybe read us a couple of lines of dialogue “I dont like sand… its hard and coarse.. unlike you… you’re everything”

    See if Harrison Ford were cast as young skywalker (use tons of SFX bare with me) the lines would have all been improv’d and maybe we could believe a grown man and not a 2 year old directed this film.

    By the way… the queen is under attack.. lets send her to the most romantic planet in the galaxy with a young jedi (who is clearly focused on making love with her.)

    That way, she will be completely removed from the protection she received under the jedi counsel and armed security. yeah, that makes sense…

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