Cybersurfing: Pixar Launches “WALL-E”

The abandoned robot star of WALL-E 

The Badger Herald has an interview with writer-director Andrew Stanton(FINDING NEMO) about his new film from Pixar, the computer-animation company behind such CGI hits TOY STORY and CARS. WALL-E is about a robot left behind when humanity leaves Earth on a spaceship.

“What if somebody left a robot on after humanity had to leave Earth, and they forgot to turn it off?” Stanton asked, explaining his inspiration for the movie. “We just loved the loneliness of that character and the futility of a character that didn’t know it could just stop doing what it does, and would it ever eventually question its existence and why it’s doing what it’s doing, like a lot of people do in real life.”

The film represents the first time that Pixar will combine animation with live action.

Real-life people are also something new for Pixar. The presence of a human actor physically onscreen in “WALL-E” amongst the animated characters is a first for Pixar. Although the studio was initially secretive about how the live actor would be used, it has been revealed that comedian Fred Willard (“I Could Never Be Your Woman”) plays the character Shelby Forthright.

When asked about where the line is drawn between animated and traditional live-action films, Stanton refuted the existence of such a dividing line. “Ever since particularly ‘Lord of the Rings,’ there [are] not many action films and fantasy films and adventure films that don’t have some mix of using computer graphics and using live action,” Stanton said, going on to describe the limitless possibilities modern CGI technology offers. “If you can think of it and you can imagine it, you can make it. … The tools are all there now to just get whatever kind of look you want.”

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