Laserblast: Legends & Enchantments After Dark

The DVD deluge continues to swell. Maybe “deluge” is too strong a word, but it certainly feels like one, after the post-Christmas drought that finally came to an end last week. This Tuesday sees two major sci-fi/fantasy blockbusters hitting home video store shelves, along with the “8 Films to Die For” that played as last year’s After Dark Horror Fest. Up first is I AM LEGEND, which arrives in a whopping five different versions: Widescreen, Full Screen, Two-Disc Special Edition, Combo HD & DVD, and Blu-ray disc. The Special Edition offers the original theatrical release on Disc One, along with four animated comics and DVD-Rom bonus material. Disc Two provides an alternate cut of the film, including the original ending that was leaked online recently. The HD-DVD and the Blue-ray disc contain the same bonus features, but the Blu-ray disc also includes “Creating I AM LEGEND” (several short documentary vignettes) and “Cautionary Tale: The Science of I AM LEGEND (a featurette).

The week’s other blockbuster released on home video is ENCHANTED, Disney’s modern day fairy tale. There is a Widescreen DVD, a Full Screen DVD, and a Blu-ray disc. The DVDs contain several bonus features, including the usual behind-the-scenes promotional piece disguised as a making-of documentary, plus a few featurettes, a blooper reel, and almost eight minutes of deleted scenes. There are two Easter eggs: one is a video of Carrie Underwood singing “Ever Ever After”; the other, believe it or not, is a pitch for the Blu-ray disc, promoting bonus features not available on the DVD. One of these is the “D-Files,” which rewards players, who spot references to classic Disney films, by showing featurettes containing the original Disney reference. Players who score high are rewarded with three extra videos.

Tuesday sees the 2007 After Dark Horrorfest coming out on DVD. There is a colossal box set that includes all eight films, or you can buy them individually. If you’re looking for recommendations about which titles are worth checking out, read our After Dark Horrofest Wrap Up. None of the films is a must-have, but THE DEATHS OF IAN STONE, MULBERRY STREET, BORDERLAND, and NIGHTMARE MAN all have points of interest that should please fans of low-budget, independent cinema.

As if that were not enough horror to sate your bloodlust, this week also offers up THE LOST, a 2005 film that earned more than its share of kudos on the festival circuit – from gore fans who forgave the meandering story because it eventually climaxed in a lengthy slaughter sequence that was sure to sicken those who had not already fallen asleep from boredom.

This week’s TV releases include Season 3 of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and Volume 1 of the recently deceased BIONIC WOMAN, which faded fast after a strong start with the fine pilot episode. Plus the usual direct-to-video detritus.

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