Box Office: Who’s on First – Again

Despite four new films in the national marketplace – three in wide release and one in limited engagements – DR. SEUSS’ HORTON HEARS A WHO was in first place again this week. The computer-generated comedy earned $25.1-million in its sophomore session, for a two-week total of $86.47-million.

Second place went to the comedy TYLER PERRY’S MEET THE BROWNS, which left the weekend’s debut horror effort, SHUTTER to open in third place with $10.7-million earned in 2,753 theatres. That put is short of the $12.4-million debut of THE EYE last month and the $12.5-million debut of ONE MISSED CALL in January. As I have been saying for some time, the bottom has dropped out of the box office for Asian horror remakes. Presumably, Hollywood keeps churning them out because they make their money back on home video.

As for the rest of teh Top Ten, only one other genre title made the list. 10,000 B.C. devolved from #2 to #5, where it earned $8.66-million in its third week of release. The film has grossed $76.1-million in U.S. theatres to date.

Finally, DOOMSDAY, the enjoyable post-apocalyptic thriller from Neil Marshall, sank out of the Top Ten in its second week of release, dropping from seventh to eleventh place. The sophomore weekend saw ticket sales of $2.18-million, for a two-week total of $8.91-million.

Read the complete Top Ten here.

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