Wes Craven returns to horror

Writer-director Wes Craven transformed the slasher genre in 1984 with A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, an imaginative concoction that gave us a dream demon (in the form of Freddy Krueger) instead of another masked madman wielding a knife. More recently, however, Craven has restricted himself to directing films like the SCREAM franchise and the thriller RED EYE. His upcoming flick 25/8 is the first scary movie he has scripted himself since 1994’s NEW NIGHTMARE.

ContactMusic.Com picks up a quote from Variety, in which Wes Craven describes his new film:

“It’s more a thriller than slasher film, and revolves around a young kid with a very dark past involving his family and his father.”

Craven also mentioned the upcoming remake of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET:

“My baby has fallen into the hands of others, and what can I say but wish them luck.”

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