Overlooked by Oscar: The Horrors!

EDITOR’S NOTE: For those who disagree with Cinefantastique’s Oscar Picks, here is an alternative view.

Brian Collins of Horror Movie a Day

Art Direction: It may not have been a good movie, but I think HALLOWEEN did a great job looking like the 70s.

Cinematography: ZODIAC. Hands down the best looking digital film ever.

Documentary Feature: SPINE TINGLER, which was about the career of William Castle – one of the finest bio docs ever.

Film Editing: THE MIST, again. The improvised shooting style can be a nightmare for an editor, but it was handled flawlessly.

Makeup: Since they were nice enough to skip CG for large chunks of the film, I begrudglingly give this one to ALIENS VS PREDATOR: REQUIEM, which was otherwise worthless.

Music (Score): 28 WEEKS LATER.

Sound Editing & Sound Mixing: 1408 – I really enjoyed the surround mix.

Visual Effects: Not sure… to me the best VFX are the ones you don’t see. So I guess ZODIAC, since they obviously had to make San Francisco look like it was the ’70s.

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Foreign Language Film: INSIDE (A L’INTERIEUR), though I’m not sure if it was released overseas (it’s going straight to DVD in the states).

Animated Feature Film: No horror films qualify, I think? BEOWULF, maybe? Anythings better than SURF’S UP, anyway.

Actor in a Leading Role: I’d actually go with Johnny Depp (SWEENEY TODD) here, unless Robert Downey Jr qualifies as a lead for ZODIAC.

Actor in a Supporting Role: Toby Jones (THE MIST) should replace Phil Hoffman, who was just doing the same thing he almost always does.

Actress in a Leading Role:  Dunno, but Hilary Swank looked actually hot for once in THE REAPING (the dream sequence with white dress). Can they give a nomination for that??

Actress in a Supporting Role: Marcia Gay Harden for THE MIST - replacing Ruby Dee, who didn’t really do anything worthy of a nomination, and she’s barely in the film (AMERICAN GANGSTERS) to boot.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay): THE MIST

Writing (Original Screenplay): ZODIAC.

Directing: David Fincher for ZODIAC or Frank Darabont for THE MIST. Take out JUNO.

Best Picture: THE MIST or ZODIAC. Either of those films were far better on both an artistic and technical level than any of the actual nominees (save NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN).

As you can see, I think THE MIST and ZODIAC were phenomenal films and I am not only shocked but also a bit insulted that neither of them got even so much as a technical nomination. I guess it just proves once again that the Oscars are not really about the achievement in anything except box office. If Zodiac did 100 mil you can guarantee there would be at least a few nominations.


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